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I Promise You Excerpt...

I can’t move. I’m rooted to the black and white linoleum tile on her floor as I stare at her. My chest rises, inhaling gulps of air. She took off her hat at the door, or somewhere, and pulled her hair out of her ponytail. Gleaming brown, copper, and blonde strands spill around her shoulders. Three colors in anyone’s hair should be over the top, but on her it’s…

My eyes scan over her face, clearly lit by the florescent lights in the apartment.

Adrenaline hits my bloodstream. Swaying on my feet, I right myself with effort.

She’s—holy shit—the girl from the bonfire.

Same face, petite body, and fierceness.

I had the hints at the Pig, then the parking lot…

That night from three years ago rushes at me, playing back in my head: the movement of her hips, the dandelion on her nape…

“When can I see you again?” I blurt.

“What?” Confusion mars her features, her nose scrunching. “Are you crazy? I’m not one of your kittens!”

I’m barely registering what she says.

Maybe I am crazy.


Right here.

I try to speak and fail.

She nibbles on her bottom lip. It’s lush and a pale pink color. I remember the fullness of her mouth, how she melted against me...

“We can’t stand each other. I don’t know you,” she adds.

I swallow.


Oh, she doesn’t… I exhale gustily.

“You don’t remember me,” I murmur incredulously, more to myself than her.

She pauses for a second, frowns, looks away, then shrugs.

I huff out a breath. I’m used to girls knowing me by the way I walk from clear across campus, or at least that’s what they say.

How could she forget?

I read the uncertainty on her face as she darts her gaze back to me.

She’s… God, she has no clue.

I tore that party up looking for her, staked out the freshman girl dorms for a month, asking about her, describing her. I even checked out the dance studio on campus, all while enduring the trash talking the team tossed my way, the kissy noises they made.

She doesn’t know that I’ve compared every girl I met to her, and they always came up short! All over a kiss!


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