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Boyfriend Material Excerpt...






Meet me at my locker. Can’t wait to c u.

OK, I reply back to the text with a grin.

Five minutes later the bell rings, and I hand in my essay and dash out of class. A sea of maroon and green uniforms greet me in the hallway, girls in crisp pleated skirts and knee socks, guys in khakis and blazers. Welcome to Bellemeade Prep, a private school for the rich. 

I avoid a cluster of students, stumbling and nearly losing my backpack as I hurry. Giddiness races over me, and for a second, I feel goofy for the excitement, then shove it away. 

He’s a piece of nirvana in a world I don’t belong in.


It’s okay to feel as if I’m floating. 

I’m in love with him.

And today is the day. 

We’re going to do it. 

It’s been weeks of hot glances, erotic kisses, and his fingers in my panties in every private place we could find. The gym. The drama room. The yearbook room. Once in the cafeteria while I sat in his lap with a coat over my skirt. 

The crowd parts and I see him leaning against his locker. 

My breath catches. 

Dark red hair frames a face that angels carved. Angular jawline, lush lips, piercing topaz eyes.

His lashes are long and dark and dramatically thick. 


He’s not a pale redhead. His skin is golden. Like a lion.

He could have any girl here.

I’m not the pretty cheerleader. 

Or the social butterfly. 

Or rich.

“Hey, gorgeous. Finally.” He smiles as he curls his arms around my waist and gazes soulfully into my eyes. 

“Hey,” I breathe.

“School’s over. Wanna go take a ride in the Aston Martin? We can put the top down and go wherever you want.” His eyes lower. “Do anything you want.”

I don’t even have to think about it. “Okay.”

His fingers playfully untie the black ribbon around the neck of my shirt. He tugs it off, then unbuttons the top two buttons. His hand snakes in and presses against my sternum as we move closer and breathe each other in. We need to touch each other. It’s been this way since he sat next to me in poetry class after Christmas.

He dips his head to my neck, then bites my ear. “I want to fuck you in that car.”

I gasp as tingles erupt over my skin. 

I’m new to this school, but I’ve heard the rumors about him. That he’s the king of breakups. That he has sex with girls, then moves on.


But they don’t know him like I do. 

He’s perfect boyfriend material . . .


Release date: July 25th, 2022

Pre-order: HERE

The above is an excerpt from Boyfriend Material by Ilsa Madden-Mills.

All rights reserved.


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